Aleksiina Design

Aleksiina Design is a Finnish Fashion brand from Tampere Finland. All the products are designed and manufactured in Tampere, Finland at Aleksiina Design's own Studio. Jewelry is nickel and lead free and all the choices are made respecting ecological and ethical values.

 ”From my early age I was very aware of my surroundings. Earrings, clothing or different cuts in woman walking by got my attention, details! As a little girl, it wasn't only once when I said to my mom: "hey did you see those great earrings of the woman who just walked by?" My mother were just wondering about how I can notice so small things and remember the details. 

One funny story of seeing details was, when I said to a shoe retailer in a shop: "By the way, your shoe laces are open, would you like me to tide them up. I can help you? And did you know, that your pants are going to fall down in a minute?" It was a little bit difficult to mom to stay serious! Details, is where Aleksiina's design work begins. 

Aleksiina Design - Pauliina Pajunen, Designer