Love Helsinki

LOVE HELSINKI portrays Helsinki, the designers’ hometown, in a completely new manner. The colorful coaster exhibition speaks for small everyday things, and calls for examining the common unnoticeable and familiar places from a new perspective. The subjects for the artworks are chosen merely by the inspiration and gut feeling of each designer. The chosen format brings the works close to the audience, to an everyday context common for graphic design. The end result is something tangible, which is not raised on a posh pedestal and can be easily absorbed and talked about.  

Finnish Graphic Design LOVE HELSINKI is a joint project of three graphic designers. Initially started out as a school assignment at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, the project evolved through time into a collection of graphic artworks. Vesa Ahtiainen, Anssi Arte (Räisänen), and Laura Suuronen met in 2003, and have also collaborated on other projects prior to and post LOVE HELSINKI.

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